Government Solutions

“Taking the complexity out of B2B trading with large customers can increase profitability by up to 10%”

“If your company is looking for a fully functional B2B presence, cloudBuy have the most advanced and integrated solution available”

Companies selling into large corporate and government clients have to manage a complex set of customer expectations and interactions. Buyer side clients typically want suppliers to integrate with their eProcurement systems, send electronic invoices, send catalogues, support different prices and promotions, manage delivery and complex tax. They are all different and have different systems running, with many of their requests contradicting each other.

For suppliers this complex landscape adds costs and consumes profits. It does not get to the heart of the problem which is that the buyer should see the correct content and pricing at all times.  This will never be achieved by the buyer trying to manage catalogues and reconcile e-invoicing feeds, the only way that this is possible is if the supplier’s website is the single integrated source of correct information.

cloudBuy have been helping customers to do this since 2002, our enterprise websites are designed to support all of the following features

  • Simple intuitive B2C buyer experience
  • Content and day to day site management through leading Content Management System
  • Responsive for mobiles and tablets, including dedicated apps
  • Highly optimised for search engines bringing more business online
  • eProcurement integration through standard XML ‘punchout’ protocols
  • ERP integration through standard XML protocols
  • Promotions, delivery calculations, customer accounts and pricing
  • Form generator and capability to build customised apps in the solution
  • Global trading, language, currency and tax
  • Goods and complex services with full quote to basket facility
  • Secure integrated payment for card, embedded payment and payable solutions
  • Fully hosted and PCI DSS level 1 compliant
  • Full reporting suite covering customer information and SEO results
  • Single place to manage all content and synchronise in real time into marketplaces and buyer portals