Maximise margins with Accurate Information - No Returns and Fast Payment

  • Maximise your margins through price benchmarking margin management and accurate information, integrated with your customers complex b2b environments.
  • Accurate information ensures your customers are ordering the correct items and allows them to pay you immediately once they've been supplied with the order.
  • Accurate, fully integrated information helps your buyers purchase the correct goods and services at the correct price. 
  • The same accurate information makes it much easier to provide your goods or service and reduces returns or debate about if the correct service has been provided.

Touchless processing of the resulting correct invoice saves both you and your customers significant amounts of time chasing up invoice statuses and payments. It allows your buyer to inform you immediately of any problems and when you will be paid.

Payment can be made immediately by Credit or Debit card or according to agreed terms. The key is that neither you or your customer need to check if payment has been made as both will see that the correct goods and services have been ordered and delivered with all the correct information on the process and status of the order.

This accuracy ensures that all information is correct from the beginning of the buying process and once the correct goods have been received, it will automatically facilitate payment for the product/service.

Along with Price benchmarking to help you maximise your margins.

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Increased sales with efficient enterprise
B2B ecommerce

From global solution's, to
complex internal processes our unique ecommerce optimises multi-channel b2b, b2c and g2c ecommerce to increase your sales



Fast implementation of complex
B2B ecommerce

Pre-integrated to all major buying platorms - Oracle, SAP, Cedar, Agresso - and marketplaces such as Microsoft and cloudBuy for fast, simple implementation