Increased sales with cloudSell b2b ecommerce

We have been increasing our customers sales for over 14 years and have successfully sold products and services on behalf of customers in every country in the world.

Many of our B2B customers come to us with very specific requirements; they may want a single global solution with multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities, or they may have complex internal processes that need to be supported by the website.

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Whatever your requirements our technology can help you to increase both your B2B and B2C sales and support your customers in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Your cloudBuy B2B website can be integrated with the ERP systems of your different buyers and can also be used as a stand-alone capability with web access if required.  The website removes the need to export catalogues to buyers ERP systems with the mismatch and rework that this creates.  Instead the buyer can come directly to your site and be directed to their permitted views and prices.

This puts you in charge of the customer journey, ensuring up to date pricing, fresh content and the ability to track buyer behaviour on the website and respond accordingly.  You have control of your content in real time, with advanced editor's and reporting functionality.  Once they have implemented their B2B web site our customers generally report a reduced cost to serve, coupled with increased sales.

Being part of the cloudBuy community helps to optimise your web site for the search engines and helps you sell to the private ecommerce marketplaces hosted on behalf of our major buying organisations.

More sales in multiple ways:

  • Providing a better, easier to use B2B (and if appropriate B2C) ecommerce site so that you maximise every sale.
  • Making sure that you get all the sales when you win contracts by analysing your customers spend and knocking out the competition.
  • Optimising your site for search engines and marketplaces so you get the sales even if your competition have the contract.
  • cloudSell integrates your site into the leading marketplaces including and customer ERP systems so you get the maxium in sales from your ecommerce investment.

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Fast implementation of complex
B2B ecommerce

Pre-integrated to all major buying platorms - Oracle, SAP, Cedar, Agresso - and marketplaces such as Microsoft and cloudBuy for fast, simple implementation



Our ‘out of the box’ B2B ecommerce increases your margins

cloudSell quickly provides a better B2B environment. The accurate integrated information reduces returns, rework and increases your profit margin.